Culture and Crisis An introduction to this special issue of Cultural Logic

Joseph G. Ramsey, editor

This special issue of Cultural Logic on “Culture and Crisis” appears at an exciting
juncture, at a moment when the relationship between these two terms – Culture. Crisis –
is shifting and shaking before our very eyes and feet.  The long suppressed is breaking
into the open.  A new language is spreading across the body politic, like an infection, or,
perhaps, like the cure for one: Occupy. Occupy. Occupy. Truths once whispered are now
shouted.  Ideas kept alive by lonely souls staring into flickering computer screens are
painted across banners and taken up together down main streets.  Cracks in the ruling
walls are showing, and in the space between the buds for a thousand blossoms are finding
their roots.  In the wake of a revolutionary Arab Spring, and a European Summer filled
with revolt and mass protest – from Madrid, to London, to Athens – we hear talk of an
American Autumn, or perhaps more appropriately, considering the teetering hegemonic
position of the US in this trembling world-system: An American Fall.  After a long series
of compound crises, for the left, for the working classes, and for the world, a radical
opportunity is suddenly upon us.

Cultural Logic
Publication/Event Date: 
January, 2010