Joys Trip To Cancun Part 6

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Joys Trip To Cancun Part 6

The Background

In October Joy and I took a vacation to Cancun. I had never been there before but Joy had gone a couple of years before we met with her ex-husband. Her first visit there was fairly conventional, with a couple of trips to the downtown market, trying several of the more popular restaraunts, and taking a couple of day tours. She was already planning out our vacation so that we got to see as much as possible while we were there. We had been having trouble with our relationship lately and we were hoping this trip away from the kids and life would help to rekindle some of what seemed to be missing. Sex had become somewhat infrequent and only when we had time. 

Let me give you a little background on both of us. Joy was raised in a very propper and conventional family enviroment. She was born 2nd of twin sisters. She always weighed more than her twin sister so she always felt uncomfortable about her weight. When they were in high school and running around with all of their friends, everybody else was allways getting laid while she always felt like a fifth wheel. It wasnt that she wasnt fooling around, it was mostly with guys that got really drunk and then only oral play. But she really didnt date much. She mostly /hung/">hung out with her sisters on-and-off boyfriend, Rick, because the girls would all go do girly things and Joy and Rick would go to car shows and other stuff. Rick was really the only person that Joy fooled around with sexually when she was younger. The /first-time/">first time she ever had sex was with her first husband and she said it was never anything to write home about. Most of the orgasms she had were the result of her own doing. 

When we first met she would cum just from me entering her and wanted it over and over again. She is truly the only woman who has ever sucked my dick and was able to go all the way down! It drove me /crazy/">crazy and she knew it. Sex with Joy is still really great, when it happens. We have been together now for four years. We are both 40 and have 5 kids between us from previous relationships. Joy is 5 5", beautiful long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and she weighs around 230lbs. She carries her weight proportionately. I would describe her as stocky. She played softball most of her life so her muscles are definately developed. Her legs are smooth, beautiful and allways tan. She keeps her pussy smooth shaven for me almost all of the time. She has the cutest little chubby feet(size 6 4e) with perfect little short toes. Her tits are not what you would usually see on a bigger girl. They are between B and C cup which is the perfect size in my eyes. Her hands are small with cute short chubby fingers. She leaves me breathless. She is very uncomfortable with her body. She only shows herself in a bathing suit for very brief periods. And then she covers up as soon as possible. She prefers sex in the dark and usually only in our bedroom. She just has the attitude that she doesnt want to gross anybody out which she knows upsets me. 

The following is just one of the true stories from our trip to cancun. As the days progressed, the stories become longer as a result of us being less inhibited. Be sure to get all six stories, we wouldnt want you to miss out on a single moment. Not all of the facts were completely clear(thanks to alchohol) but I tried to recall everything to the best of my abilty. Regargless, everything Im writing happened. It was only six days but we had a blast!


Cancun Day Six

When I woke up and finally was able to clear my vision, nobody was in sight. I was still laying on the floor and the sunlight was coming through the sliding glass door to indicate that morning had come. I could hear muffled voices from one of the rooms, but I couldnt make out who it was and what they were saying. I raised my head up off of the floor and felt very queesy. I knew that feeling and if I didnt make it to a bathroom soon I was going to vomit all over the floor. I staggered to my feet and found the first door I could make it too. I opened the door and heard loud moaning. I could see somebody on the bed but I rushed by to the bathroom door and put my head into the toile just in time to let go the contents of my stomach. I puked for a few minutes until I felt I had emptied whatever remained. "" I heard a voice come from the bed that I suspected was Joys. I looked up from the toilet to see Joy, Mike and Brad in a thresome. Joy was on top of Mike with his dick in her pussy and Brad was behind her with his dick in her ass. They were going at it pretty heavy. They were all three covered with sweat. I wondered if they had been at it all night. I heaved a couple of more times and when I removed my head from the toilet to look again, Tom had entered the room and shoved his cock into Joys mouth. She was getting a tripple penetration and I was too sick to enjoy it. They were all moaning loudly. all I could do was flush the toilet, grab a towel and wipe my mouth, and lay down on the cool marble. I was back out again

"Wake up baby! We have a big day ahead of us!" I heard Joy say. I opened and cleared my eyes. I was still laying on the bathroom floor and the shower water was running. "Get into the shower, it will make you feel better." she said. I peeled myself off of the floor, dropped my toga to the floor and got in the shower and sat on the bottom. The steamy water felt great. I washed my hair and body while I continued to sit on the bottom. She was right, I was starting to feel alot better. I stood up and turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. Joy was standing there, still naked, and was holding a towel for me. She smiled and help me get dried off without saying a word. She handed me a familiar toothbrush with paste on it already. I studied it for a moment. "Is this mine?" I asked. "I went over to our room for a few things." she replied. I wondered why she hadnt gotten dressed. "Your trunks are on the bed." she said and then dissappeared into the other room.

I walked out and found a clean pair of my trunks and one of my t-shirts laying on the bed. The room smelled of sex. I got dressed, hung the towel up and walked into the living room of the suite. "Hey! You are still alive!" Mike yelled. I looked around and they were all here. Actually, there were also three guys here that I hadnt met yet. They were all eating breakfast from a large buffet cart that I assumed was brought up from room service. Joy was still walking around naked as if it were second nature. She was serving breakfast to everyone. "Are you hungry yet?" she asked. "I could probably eat something." I replied. "Better wait until she lets IT rest, we all ate it last night!" Brad said as they all laughed, even Joy. "Well, you guys ate IT last night, some of us didnt get it until this morning!" one of the other three guys said as they all laughed loudly again. "You guys stop it and let him eat!" Joy scolded them. She handed me a plate with crepes and bacon and some fresh strawberries on the side. She got me a mamosa and set it down by me on the table. Joy looked like she already had a shower. She had her hair pulled back and she had left it curly. She looked like a little girl. As I was eating, Joy bent down to kiss me and I grazed my hand across her pussy and I could tell that it was freshly shaved. I could also tell that she smelled like Plumeria lotion. I love that smell on her. "Its pretty smooth, huh?" she asked, "Tom shaved my pussy and my legs for me!". I had a mouthfull of crepes and couldnt speak so I looked over at Tom and waved and he reponded with, "Anytime, I enjoyed it!". I bet he did!

"What time is it?" I asked Joy. "Its almost 8:30. I thought we might go to Xel-ha today and go snorkling at the reef. What do you think? Do you feel up to it?" Joy bent over to ask me as she looked into my eyes. Brent walked by to take his plate to the sink and stopped briefly to rub Joys pussy from behind. "You did a great job on her pussy, Tom!" he said as he looked back towards the guys. "You have no idea!" Tom shouted back as they all chuckled. They were all watching the XXX channel and were pretty engulfed in the action. "What do you think, you wanna go?" Joy asked again. I knew that if we didnt go and do something soon we would be in this room for our whole last day in Cancun with her getting fucked by all of these guys. Not that I minded, since I didnt get to watch last night or this morning. But I knew that we could always come back after we got back if Joy wanted to. "Sounds like fun. Lets do it!" I responded.

Joy pulled the tags off of a new t-shirt that one of the guys gave her and put it on while i finished my breakfast and put my plate in the sink. The shirt was just long enough to come to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She gathered the rest of out things and just before we headed out the door, Mike asked, "You guys coming back later for cocktails?". "We can. We probably wont be back until this evening." Joy explained. "Sounds great!" Mike replied, "See you guys then.". They all yelled goodbye as we walked out the door. As we walked towards the elevator I asked Joy if she had a good time last night. She told me that she didnt get alot of sleep and that, in fact, she had fucked all of them. Duh! I already knew that. She said she finally laid down around 5:00 when the other three guys showed up. They started fucking her and didnt finish until almost 7:00 so she downed a Mt. Dew and threw on one of the guys shirts, that didnt come down far enough to completely cover her ass, and ran over to our hotel to get us some clothes. As she walked through the lobby she saw Mr. Hernandez and they waved at each other just before she got on the elevator. She went up to the room and grabbed some clothes and our bathroom bag and started to leave to come back when Mr. Hernandez showed up. She told him that she was in a hurry and he said that was ok as he pulled his dick out. She dropped to her knees and started sucking his already /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. She said he came quickly and they walked back down to the lobby together as she said goodbye. She came back and went in to take a shower and Tom joined her. He started shaving her and when he finished he ate her pussy in the shower. She got out and fixed her hair and then came in to wake me up. "Are you having fun yet?" I asked with a laugh. "It feels like one big dream!" she replied. I agreed.

We walked down to catch the shuttle bus and I realized that she had decided to only wear the t-shirt. "Is xxx that waht youre wearing to snorkle?" I asked. "I dont feel like wearing a suit yet. I feel alot more comfortable like this for now. Ill put my suit on when we get there." she said. We hopped the shuttle bus and made our way to the downtown bus station.

Hector had explained that it would be alot cheaper if we porn videos download took a bus down to Xel-ha and paid the admission price ourselves instead of buying a package deal from the hotel. The package price was $150.00 each and we could do the trip on our own for about half that price. We arrived at the bus station and purchased our bus tickets and waited to board the bus. We were told that it would be departing in about thirty minutes so we walked around a bit and checked out the downtown area without going to far. The downtown area was full of Mexican men gathered in groups just standing around talking and laughing as if they did this everyday. We found a small drink stand and got a couple of mixed drinks and sat on a bench and watched all of the people. As Joy sat down I could tell that she wasnt very concerned with how much the t-shirt covered. She sat with her legs parted and even though I couldnt see what she was exposing from my point sitting beside her, I was sure that her pussy was visible. Man had I created a monster! My suspisions were shortly confirmed by the group of men that had gathered right in front of us looking in Joys direction and pointing and smiling as they chatted in low voices. I kept my sunglasses on and pretended to be looking in another direction as I sipped my drink and watched them.