Southern Kinfolk Part 2

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Southern Kinfolk Part 2

I began my last year of high school in the fall, traveling each way for what seemed like hours on a bumpy school bus. I made some friends, mostly female since to the good old boys I was just a Yankee nerd. One girl in particular had her eyes on me, a buxom blonde, whom I later found out was in her first year. She was on the bus when I got on each morning and openly gave me the come on. I never sat next to her but on the way home she sometimes planted herself next to me. Her name was Sonja, although around school, she was known as Dolly because of her upper body charms. She mentioned one day that she was a distant relative of my aunt, on her mother's side. That meant we were distant of cousins and I thought she would leave me alone. I told her jokingly that we could never have a relationship since we were cousins. She just laughed and said that was the best kind of relationship. When I told her that I was probably three years older, she laughed again while expanding her ample chest. She looked down at her two peaks and then smiled at me suggestively. She was certainly well endowed but I had no intentions of scaling those peaks at her age.

That evening I brought up Sonja's name at supper. "She's a good one Sean," Paul remarked nodding thoughtfully. "Family too, you wants me talk to her folks?"

"Talk to her folks? What do you mean; what about Paul?"

"Marriage, of course. You two'd make a nice couple and she won't last long with that equipment, blond hair and all. There's a lot of young pubs sniffing around that gal already."

"She's just starting high school, Paul." I said shaking my head. "Anyway, I'm quit happy here. I don't need a wife just yet."

"Well, Ah'll talk to Carl all the same. We's pals from way back."

My auntie just smiled at me but said nothing. I wondered why Paul was so persistent that I should hook up with this girl, except maybe because she was better looking than any other girl in the school. Perhaps he expected me to share my future wife with him the way he shared Sona with me. I never fucked or kissed Sona though, she just blew me once a week or so; Paul seemed to insist on that. Maybe, I thought, he was investing in his own future. One turn deserves another they say but somehow that kind of turn didn't suit me.

My auntie amazed me; here she was, barely eking out an existence on a marginal farm income and she belonged to several volunteer charities in her church. Several times a week she attended meetings there, organizing drives for this and that. Sometimes she would be gone for two or three days, driving her dated mid sized Chevy, helping out in neighboring towns. At times, she would bring Honeybee with her to help out. This was about the only time other than Sunday church when Honeybee got to wear anything. I don't know how she justified her life style with her faith but I did hear her say once: that how she lived her life was between her and her Lord.

When Auntie was away, Honeybee would eagerly made up for her absence. As soon as I got home in the afternoon, she would practically rip my clothing off and get me into the tub. She said that fancy learning had to be washed off before supper. In addition, a load of cum was usually removed from my cock, sometimes right in the tub. 

She would fill the tub lifting pails from the hand pump on the sink. Some of the water would be heated on the wood stove and then dumped in the tub. It was amazing to watch her handle those pots and pails. Paul had made her a couple of stepped boxes suiting her size that she used for climbing up and down. Any offer to help would be bluntly refused. "Ma chore," she would say. "Ma Massa not do ma chores, wouldn't be right." 

Sona would be watching jealously while making supper but since Paul was usually out somewhere on the farm, that's all she could do. I could sense that she had strong feelings for me; stepping out of line behind her husband's back however, was not in her makeup. She would smile at me as Honeybee blew me and sort of rub her thighs together as she tended her cooking. Once Paul came in and she or Honeybee got him washed, Sona was quick to satisfy him and with that of course herself. She seemed to get her rocks off, even when blowing Paul or myself. Sometimes when he was doing her doggie style, she would have her eyes on me with an expression that oozed with lust. I thought at first that she was just enjoying being fucked and I knew she was but eventually I became convinced that she was also fantasizing about me. It was flattering to have three women adoring one-self and I relished the attention every day. 

The next couple of years seemed to fly by. I became a half-decent farmer, according to Paul and managed to finish high school with fair grades. 

Sonja, who had by now ripened into an even shapelier Dolly lookalike, was spurning all offers from other boys. She told everyone that we were to be married as soon as she finished high school. We didn't date and I had never told her whether I was interested in marrying her. The whole thing seemed to be an ongoing joke except for the fact that she wasn't dating anyone else. 

Then without warning about a month after my graduation, my world fell apart. My Auntie while on one of her volunteer trips about a hundred miles away, died of a stroke. She was all the close family I had in the world and her passing threw me into a deep depression. 

She was buried in a small cemetery nearby after the church services. More than two hundred people attended her funeral, expressing their condolences to Paul and myself. I knew very few of these people but she had lived here all her life and was much loved for her activities in the church.

On of the mourners introduced himself to me as auntie's attorney and handed me his card, with an appointment date written on the back. "We have some business to discuss son, try to make time on that day." I nodded and absentmindedly stuck the card in my pocket, being too dazed to really listen.

In the days following the funeral, I spend as much time as I could, working at whatever I could find to fix or maintain on the farm. Paul spoke little if we were working side by side. He hadn't cried at the funeral like I did but I knew he was suffering. Neither of us had any kind of sex for a long time.

Sona seemed to be cheerful in a supportive manner, coming from a different culture she probably had her own way of dealing with death. Honeybee was totally devastated; doing her chores fully clothed in a halfhearted and spotty manner.

It was honeybee who found the appointment card in my pocket several days after the funeral. Not being able to read, she knew enough that it could be important and handed it to me. I showed it to Paul who thought I'd better go there on the appointed day. Neither of us had given any thought to what would become of the farm. We were living in a house with no owner, which meant we could soon be without a roof over our heads. 

We drove to the lawyer's office on the appointed day about a week later and I asked Paul to come in with me. It turned out that there was a will and that I had inherited the farm but not until I turned twenty-one. Paul had been named as my guardian until then. According to the Attorney, she had come in to write up the will a year ago, after being told by her that she had a condition for which there was no cure. There was also a sealed envelope from auntie, which he advised me real forced anal against her will to read in private.

It didn't hit me until we were half way home that Paul was left with nothing and that now he would be employed by me. He didn't seem upset by the results of the meeting or act any different from his usual self, so I left it alone for the time being. 

I opened my Auntie's letter later that day in the privacy of the chicken coop. It was a place where I was used to come and sit when I wanted to reflect or read in peace and quiet. I found the soft intermittent cackling soothing somehow. 

I opened the letter and began to read her schoolgirl longhand. 

"Dear Sean: When you read this, I'll be gone upstairs. Please don't be sad; though I know you'll cry, it's in your nature. You have your whole life ahead of you and I just hope that despite all the losses you have suffered in your short life, you will look back and remember me as someone who loved you very much. I'm so happy that you came and that you have taking an interest in the farm. Don't worry about Paul he inherited his fathers spread a few years ago. It's rented and he will leave in a few years when you can run the place yourself. I think Honeybee will stay with you, at least if she has her way, so please look after her. I have a piece advice for you and I hope you will take it to heart. I know young people want to go their own way when if comes to marriage and so many fail, because life just don't go as we plan it. I know Sonja very well; she has worked with me in the church for several years. You know she has her heart set on you and I know the two of you are soul mates. How do I know? Well there are some things in life that only age can work out. Trust me Sean she is the one for you; it's in her eyes. I love you and the Lord willing I'll to be your guardian angle, watching over you until we meet again. Remember life must goes on; be happy. Love Auntie." 

I put the letter back in the envelope and cried and then I laughed at the same time when two chickens began squabbling over some morsel on the floor. Auntie had loved those chickens, there was just something about these simple creatures that made her happy. I decided that I would always have chickens on the farm, as a sort of connection to her.

Sona and Honeybee had supper ready when I got back in the house. Paul was still back out there somewhere. He had spent a lot of time in the woods behind the farm since the funeral. 

"Paul say you own farm. I very happy Auntie did so." Sona said smiling sympathetically.

"Ah's happy too, young Massa. You's family, is only right." Honeybee spoke with a lot of sadness in her voice. Auntie was the only real family she'd ever had and I wowed to honor auntie's wish and always look after her one way or another.

"Well I said," clutching my letter, "I was a little concerned about Paul before reading this. But I guess that part will be all right." We were finished supper by the time Paul came back. "Auntie's letter told me about your farm," I said. He just nodded and ate his supper quietly.

That night after dark, Paul screwed Sona without spanking her before or after. I listened to their moans and then as they finished to the sound of the Crickets outside accompanied by Honeybee's breathing next to me. It had been raining and the air was thick with humidity but now the sky was clearing up, at least enough for the moon to light up Honeybee's face. She was wide-awake looking at me. She smiled in her submissive matter and then a cloud hid the moon again, hiding her dark features. 

"You wake Massa too? Ah cain't sleep too." I felt aroused having listened to Paul and Sona but the thought of doing it made me feel guilty. The moon lit our faces again and her female intuition read my mind. A little arm reached out and five fingers caressed my face. "Ah's ready when you's young Massa. Ah's always here." 

"I know Honeybee but... " I felt guilty about doing it. I could sense that her little body was trembling with anticipation. Her hand found my bare chest, caressing and stroking. Then down over my stomach until her short stubby fingers found my semi . She had never taken the lead before but it had of course hardly xnxxv sunny leone video been necessary, since in the past her services were called upon several times a day. She began to shake almost feverishly when she grasped my cock. She moved quickly as it stiffened, lubricating it with her lips. It suddenly struck me as she straddled me, facing away and quickly impaling her little body, that she was a nymph. She groaned with satisfaction, bouncing up and down as I grasped and kneaded those perfect black spheres. She must have cum three times before I did, while I dug my fingers into her padded cheeks. Dismounting, she licked and sucked me clean as usual. Somehow in the dark she found a wet towel and came back to wipe down my sweaty body. 

"Ma Massa feels good now?"

"Yes Honeybee real good." She wiped herself and got down next to me. I put my arm around her as she cuddled up close.

"Ma young Massa happy with Honeybee? Ah wants be a good nigger slave."

"Honeybee, you're not a slave that's against the law and I don't like that N word."

"Yes Massa but I wants be called nigger and Ah wants be you slave." I didn't know what to say to her; how could anyone be that submissive? I remembered what Auntie had said about Honeybee being a natural submissive. It was somehow different if she'd been white; in which case, it would be sort of a game.