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I had been turning up at the fitness centre almost every day for the last couple of weeks, making sure it coincided with his work out times. I would stroll over in my tight Lycra shorts to say hello, sometimes I would ask a question about working out, and I would always try to stand too close for comfort. 

He literally took my breath away with desire; his muscular body was driving me wild.

It was Friday during the third week of attending the gym that I approached him directly in the lounge area, where members could take a well-earned rest. 

?Hey there Steve, I was wondering if you could give me a hand?" I asked softly.

"Sure Susi, whats up?"

?Im not really happy with how my workout is going, think you could spare some time to work with me a little?"

"Uhm, sure" He mumbled as he did his best not to look straight down my blouse at the cleavage I had made sure was on display. "Not that Im an expert or anything, but I would be happy to help as best I can"

"Oh you definitely seem to know what you are doing" I smiled, and then briefly, barely touching him, ran my hand down his bicep. 

"I cant work out until a little later than usual today though" I said apologetically "Do you think you will still be there about 5?"

He was usually out of the gym by 5. It was Friday and I guessed he would probably be looking forward to a good meal and a cold beer to start off the weekend. But without hesitation, he said,

"Sure, 5 is no problem at all."

I gave him a big smile, 

"Great, its a date" and bounded out of the room leaving him staring speechless after me.

I knew the fitness centre closed at 6pm, so I made sure I was late and rushed in at about 5:20. I was wearing a pair of those ultra tight Lycra shorts that moulded to my bottom, showing off my pussy lips nicely, and a matching black sports bra that showed off my C-cups. 

"Sorry Im late" I gushed breathlessly, "thanks for waiting for me."

He gave me a warm smile,

"No problem, Im just getting warmed up."

We started working out, I asked questions, and was seemingly genuinely interested. The time flew quickly; I was completely entranced by his presence. Suddenly the music was shut off and it became obvious that the gym was ready to close up, just a few stragglers remained, gathering their stuff.

"Damn" I pouted, "I forgot they closed early on Fridays, and I have a lot more I was hoping to accomplish."

"We can always pick it up again next week" He volunteered eagerly. 

"Yeah... but we were really on a roll, too /bad/">bad they wont let us stay and close up when we are done."

Laughing Steve looked around, 

"Unfortunately I haven?t been a member here for very long, I certainly dont have enough clout to make that happen."

Grabbing his arm I leaned close,

"Well maybe we dont need to ask them" I whispered "Come on, I have an idea."

Before he could protest I led him towards the exit. The Fitness Centre manager raised his eyebrows slightly as we walked past.

"Susi what.." Steve started to ask

"Shhhhh" I whispered, "trust me" and I gave him a naughty smile.

As we walked down the hall I glanced back to make sure no one was watching and then suddenly steered us into sexxxx video ful hd the womens locker room.

"Jesus Susi!"

"Dont worry,? I giggled, "hes going to be gone in a minute, and I bet he won?t check in here, then we?ll have the place to ourselves."

Steering him into a cubicle I closed the door.

"Just in case." I whispered.

We stayed that way for about ten minutes, huddled together, our bodies so close, the smell of him intoxicating me. I was standing in front, and I pressed back, giggling and squirming, I could feel I was making him hard. 

Finally, I sneaked out first to check the coast was clear and a few minutes later I went back,

"Come on, its all ours"

I grabbed a small bag out of a locker as we headed back to the now empty gym. Dropping the bag down next to a bench, I spun around and practically jumped into his arms. 

"Isnt this exciting?" I laughed pressing myself into him.

My nipples were getting hard, protruding through my sports bra.

"Arent you excited too?" I asked.

Smiling broadly he looked straight into my eyes and whispered,

"Beauty is the bait, which with delight allures man to enlarge his kind" 

I snuggled closer and whispered.

"I like a man who can quote the classics, especially xxx sex video download free com when it mentions things enlarging."

With that, I slid my hand over his shorts and along his shaft. He literally gasped for air as my hand began to slide over his cock through the shorts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I purred. "Maybe it?s time for a real workout"