Symposium: Sexuality Between State and Class

Rethinking Marxism is pleased to present the symposium ‘‘Sexuality between State and Class,’’ edited by Suzanne Bergeron and Jyoti Puri. And as a way of thinking about this symposium, let us start with the commissioned art contribution by Robert Sember, ‘‘White People’s Stories (based on what I have been told by women I know),’’ which undertakes an Althusserian symptomatic analysis. Althusser (Althusser andBalibar 1997) focused on sight: ‘‘Thus Marx makes us see blanks in the texts of classical economics’ answer, but that is merely to make us see what the classical text itself says while not saying it, does not say while saying it.’’ Read more in the attached PDF:

Rethinking Marxism
Publication/Event Date: 
October, 2012