Left Turn

Left Turn is a national network of activists engaged in exposing and fighting the consequences of global capitalism and imperialism. Rooted in a variety of social movements, we are anti-capitalists, radical feminists, anti-racists, queer and trans- liberationists, and anti-imperialists working to build resistance and alternatives to corporate power and empire.

Through its publication, Left Turn Magazine, its website and other forums, Left Turn seeks to create spaces for our various movements to reflect and strategize. The magazine serves as a resource to grassroots movements by reporting on and analyzing local and global struggles for justice. It is an all volunteer publication written by activists for activists.

Left Turn is committed to modeling the world we want to see by organizing collectively, democratically and without hierarchy, both internally and in the larger movement. Whether working on a local community campaign or doing international solidarity work, we seek to fight all forms of oppression through our organizing.

It recognizes the importance of struggles waged by people and communities most affected by the policies of globalization and empire, whether in Brooklyn or Baghdad. Through each aspect of our work we highlight these struggles and forge connections between them in order to build a stronger more effective movement here in the heart of the empire.

Finally, Left Turn wishes to project politics of hope, inspiration and solidarity based on both the rich history of social movements and the visionary work of everyday people coming together to radically transform society and bring about a more just world.