Under Attack: In Defence of the Public Sector

Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly

This pamphlet was produced by the Public Sector Campaign of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, September 2011.

“The Great Recession – the product of government incompetence and corporate greed – should have lit a fire under workers everywhere. It hasn’t. Politicians should be on the defensive. They aren't. We are. Employers should be making concessions. They don’t. We do. Their lawyers should be grovelling. Instead, our leaders are cowering. Their silk ties should feel tighter. Instead, our boots feel heavier. Their nights should be sleepless. Instead, our dreams are crushed.

We should be winning this struggle. We aren’t. They are. How did this happen? How did government and business come out of the financial crisis they created...stronger? More importantly, why are we so weak?

All is not lost. While the working-class as a whole is weak, there remains a pillar of strength: public sector unions. And yet, public sector workers and the services we provide are under attack from government, business, the news-media, and – although it is hard to admit – from other workers. Everywhere we go, all over the world, public sector workers are accused of greed, inefficiency, and incompetence. How did this happen? What can we do to change it?

The reasons aren’t simple. The solutions won’t be easy. If you can stomach it: read on.”

Socialist Project
Publication/Event Date: 
September, 2011