Dear Contributors to the Postcapitalist Project,

For the first time since our initial steps in 2009, we are sending out a pitch for money.  Why? 

Since 2009, PostCap has generated tens of thousands of downloads of articles from dozens of contributing journals and web sites about the possible shape of a postcapitalist future and how to get there.
We believe that if we run a small ad campaign via Google we may generate significant new traffic to our site, and thus to you and to our other contributors.
And the really cute part: every penny of this ad campaign is guaranteed to pay for an actual result. Not a penny will be spent that doesn't bring a viewer to one or more of the articles of PostCap. 
Here's how it works: Google places ads for you, but you don't pay anything just for an ad to be displayed. You pay only for clicks. 
And you don't pay much. Within a range that you specify, the ad software conducts an auction. Every ad we place for PostCap, in other words, creates a little market that works to get people to visions of the future at the lowest price.
So this is a very simple appeal: we're asking each contributor to PostCap to make a modest contribution (we suggest $25, but are happy to take whatever you want to give).
Once we have a kitty from this appeal (which we're also posting on our Facebook page) we'll start running the ads. Of course, we'll report back to you the results.
We hope you and your colleagues and comrades think promotion of the Postcapitalist Project is worth a very small investment! Please respond quickly, before you forget this email. And we really mean that any level of financial support is welcome and useful.

Thank you,
The Postcapitalist Project Start-Up Committee
Van Gosse, Radical History Review
Barry Cohen, Portside
Marc Becker, web editor
Liz Mestres, Brecht Forum