Capitalism Nature Socialism

Capitalism Nature Socialism (CNS) is a non-sectarian ecosocialist journal edited in southeastern New York state (USA). Though we regard ecofeminism as foundational to any ecosocialist project, we welcome other perspectives on ecosocialism. A main objective for us is to help build a radical red-green intellectual culture, which is essential in developing ecosocialist politics. To this end, we encourage discussion and debate about all themes and issues bearing on our general subject. Key themes are the dialectics of social and biophysical processes; power relations (e.g., racism, patriarchy, colonialism, heteronormativity) and environmental degradation; labor and land; workplace and community struggles; economics and ecology; and the interlinkage of science/ecology and politics.

We are especially interested in studies of state socialism, socialist movements, and nonhuman processes, and in works connecting ecology with class struggles and egalitarianism. CNS is not affiliated with any political party or organized political tendency.  We publish essays and research articles, special themed issues, symposia, book review essays, book reviews, poetry, and, on occasion, artwork.